Our time of the month isn't exactly filled with joy – even if you're blessed with no period pain and a light flow. So jazzing things up a bit with rainbow-coloured period underwear is certainly one way to liven things up if you're simply over it.

Modibodi has just released its latest colour collection across its reusable period underwear range, and the shades are definitely screaming summer. The four new colours are across all of Modibodi's key absorbencies (light-moderate, moderate-heavy, and heavy-overnight), which is the first time new colours have dropped for all need levels.

Its Modibodi's best-selling styles that have copped the colour makeover. The classic bikini, sensual hi-waist bikini and the classic full-brief are now available in Morocco (bright tangerine), Tuscan (a sunny yellow), Blueberry (literally a blueberry blue) and Sage (a muted pastel green).

The colours are limited edition, so you'll need to get in quickly if you're keen. Once stock sells out, the colourway is gone.


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