You might have noticed the influx of sheer skirts and dresses on the runway at Australian Fashion Week. “Naked dressing” has ruled red carpets and celebrity wardrobes for the past few months. And now it’s coming for us average folk.

The key to pulling off this trend is confidence. And a really nice pair of knickers. High-rise, full coverage briefs or even boyleg silhouettes create the perfect layer for see-through lace and organza pieces to glide over – but feel free to opt for skimpier styles if you please.

Sydney label Emma Mulholland on Holiday took its Splash-themed show a step further, teaming up with period care brand Modibodi to keep models leak-free on the runway.

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“We worked closely with the team at Emma Mulholland on Holiday to bring to life [a pair of undies] with one of the designer’s iconic houndstooth prints,” Modibodi’s head of design and innovation Charissa Lanham says. “We wanted to create an iconic lingerie moment in the Pure Shores show so that the models could feel completely confident and comfortable, knowing they didn’t have to fear leaks this fashion week.”

Founder and designer Emma Mulholland wanted to explore the idea of vacations with days spent lazing by the pool or beach. “One thing you don’t want to be worrying about on your holiday is your period. The fear of leaking poolside is very real. So, a runway featuring vacation-ready, leak-proof lingerie just made sense,” she shared in a statement.

The playful collab proves that you don’t have to compromise personal style just because of a period.

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