It all started with some Kardashian shoes.

Whilst doing some freelance graphic design and marketing with the team behind the Kardashian Kollection shoe range, Sebastian Says founder Suz Strampic posted a picture to Instagram of her dog Sebastian in a pair she had lying around the house. The Kardashians even reposted the photo.

“It went viral, and then I was like ‘this is actually quite amazing’. The Instagram page just went through the roof”

“I entered this world of dog lovers and dog obsessed people and then I just kind of fell into the whole dog fashion industry.”

After two years of prototyping and preparation, Sebastian Says finally got its feet off the ground in February 2017.

Their latest range, dubbed “a new bohemian”, consists of merino wool sweaters made from Australian sourced wool, woven cotton leads and collars made from both leather and Piñatex® (a vegan textile made from pineapple leaves).

There’s a cable knit turtleneck with sleeves, a basket weave vest with a v-neck front and a vest with fringe around the sleeves that gives it a raw, unfinished look. They come in earth tones like toffee brown, charcoal grey and a light oat colour, designed to match easily with the other accessories in the collection.

All their sweaters are machine washable, and as is the case with the rest of their range, longevity and durability is a priority. Strampic wants the company’s products to last to minimise wastage.

"I think this is the way forward, and there are so many different ways I would love to improve in the way we operate,” she says, “I've just really opened my eyes and explored different areas where I can actually improve and make a better world." Strampic is tight lipped about what is next for Sebastian Says, but teased future collaborations with other Australian makers.

“I’m keeping it a little bit of a secret and a surprise.”