I’ve never been a ring wearer. They’ve always felt like an accessory that brings unnecessary attention to my hands – a body part that a regular human might not be self-conscious about but, after working in fashion for the better part of a decade, there are plenty of problematic quirks beneath this hood.

Flaky cuticles and dry nail beds, crooked knuckles from sport-induced damage, freckles and wrinkles (!) from being dealt the skin tone of a natural redhead and rarely a lick of nail polish in sight: my hands are merely the tools of my trade as a writer.

And don’t get me started on ring sizing. “Do I have fat fingers???” is not something my brain needs to spiral about.

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But all that changed when Mejuri hosted a pop-up at Incu last year. The Canadian brand is known for its artful jewellery collection that stacks up nicely on ears, necks and fingers.

I found an unexpected adoration for the Dome and Heirloom rings. And I find that very few days go by without me sliding them on before I head out the door. They’re now my favourite finishing touches.

Maybe exposure therapy did me good. But I think it ultimately comes down to proportions. The pieces are chunky enough that my phalanges don’t feel like snags on a Bunnings barbeque. But they’re not so chunky that my flexion is impeded. In fact, I generally wear the two stacked together on my middle finger with room to spare.

There’s also a smoothness to the curved silhouette that is quite soothing to an anxious mind, which sometimes needs a distraction to fiddle with (rather than picking at said flaky cuticles).

My new problem is now I want more rings to add to my collection. There’s something architectural about the Dome Figure ring that makes my brain tick. And while I’ve always been a golden girl, the coloured enamel styles are catching my eye. The Diamond Dipped finish is also quite fancy. Then there’s the Mosaic Gemstone Dome – the pièce de résistance fitted with pink tourmaline, garnet and rhodolite embellishment.

Ugly hands be damned, it looks like I’m in my ring era.


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