Hands up if you fall asleep watching makeup videos on Instagram but don’t know how to experiment beyond your dash-of-mascara-swipe-of-blush routine?

Mecca is launching a new line of products aimed squarely at you. The Australian beauty retailer will launch MECCA MAX at the start of August – a 206-product line that aims to lure in beauty rookies.

Mecca Brand’s creative director Marita Burke says the aim was to make a range that was both fashion- and trend-based but also accessible. “It’s fun, playful and affordable for an entry-level customer, but also appeals to someone perhaps a little further along their beauty journey who is always on the hunt for something new.”

The price range sits between $5 and $45 with lipsticks going for $20, concealers for $22, foundations for $32, and an artistry palette at the top of the range for $45.

There are indeed a lot of products in this range. You’ll find tools to cover the current nude and matte trend, ultra-pigmented matte lip colours and, of course, a highlighter stick. Then there are the playful options: electrifying eye shadows, an uber reflective lip glitter to layer over your lipstick, plus a lip gel that instantly turns any formulation matte.

If that’s sounding a little too full-on for you, you’ll be glad to hear there’s also classic products, from sheer lipsticks to daily BB creams, a brow gel and a double-ended mascara.

“There’s lots of products that are designed to work well with what you already have,” Burke says. “Then there were gaps we wanted to fill – there’s not many brands doing bright pink and electric blue eye shadows. We literally have the spectrum covered.”

Mecca Max launches in-store and online on August 1.