Margot Robbie might have perfectly captured the essence of designer Lucy Folk’s new collection, Sun Worship. In late May, the Aussie actor posted a cute photo on Instagram of her wearing some rings and bracelets from the new range. It screams summer. The sun is shining, she’s got a big smile on her face and she’s taking a bite from a juicy slice of watermelon.

Noosa-based Folk says the new collection (which will continue to roll out until October) is all about the sun – an offering of devotion to the big burning star and all that it inspires – and a tribute to summer. It features delicate earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles in gold-plated sterling silver, rose gold and sterling silver (some with gemstones and freshwater pearls), and colourful friendship bands.

There are also hair ties with metallic crochet details and gold plating; sunglasses; and a couple of items of clothing, including a limited-edition boilersuit and dress, both made in Melbourne from white Japanese silk. And of course there’s her signature trans-seasonal towelling clothing (poncho, dresses, shorts, bucket hats, and, coming soon, robes), which are hand-loomed in Morocco with a woven design exclusive to Lucy Folk. More dresses, pants and tops will be rolled out soon.

The pieces are tied together by a bold colour palette of reds, turmeric and yellow, inspired by the works of Luis Barragán, one of Mexico’s greatest architects, among other things.

“The collection came about after a lengthy visit to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City,” Folk tells Broadsheet. “Craig Spark [head jeweller] and I were on our annual design pilgrimage and we were fascinated by the Piedra del Sol, the Mayan sun stone, and in particular the Aztec mythology and symbology that surrounds it. I’m drawn to the power of the sun. I seek nourishment and find comfort in the strength and light of its rays.”

Like many people, Folk – who’s expecting her first child – has had a rough time due to coronavirus. She had to let about 75 per cent of her staff go, but the new collection is helping her get through this topsy-turvy time.

“I think in a time like this it’s so important for people to be emotionally nourished with a sense of hope and optimism. It’s not about being in denial about what we’re going through, but more about allowing ourselves to slow down and find joy in the everyday moments that are accessible to all. The nature of sun worship really is that for me, and getting nourishment and strength from it feels so timely.”

Folk acknowledges it might feel a bit weird – or just unnecessary – to put on jewellery during a pandemic, but she has some tips on accessorising appropriately.

“I think less is more at this time. It’s nice to give your earlobes and fingers a break, but keep your favourite necklaces close and layer them. I’m excited to dress for dinner on the weekend and I choose my jewels accordingly. I pile them high and keep my outfit simple – especially because there’s usually a lot of cooking involved. I do like to wear my jewels out to the farmers market – my favourite outing for the week. I’m good at a ring stack.”

She also points out that special pieces of clothing can help you celebrate the simple pleasures that are slowly returning, such as going out with friends or eating in a restaurant. “It’s nice to spruce up for dinner here and there, maybe even for an outing to the grocery store. I’m wearing a lot of dresses when I leave the house. But I’m in Noosa, so it’s climate dependant.”

Shorts (or pants) and a top is her go-to outfit in warmer months (“it means you don’t have to spend too much time thinking of what to wear”). This winter, she’ll be reaching for her boilersuit during the day, and cashmere trackpants and a jumper at night.

And even in a pandemic, adds Folk, there’s one garment that’ll never go out of style: the robe, which can be worn at home or as an extra layer while out and about. “Day or night,” she says. “Keep the colours bright to enhance your mood.”