Walking to the bathroom with a pad not-so-subtly stuffed in a pocket or a tampon hidden up a sleeve is an experience familiar to almost anyone who menstruates. The widespread emergence of reusable period care has helped remove some of the awkwardness and discomfort we experience each month – but not all products are made equal.

Femmze’s collection is the antithesis of daggy. The Sydney brand creates premium pieces that are a pleasure to pull from your top drawer whenever videos of animals on the internet start making you cry.

Founder Beck Quade worked with product designer Aggie Choi to create the just-launched Life collection. The seven-piece capsule is considered, comfortable, functional and supportive. But it’s also chic – colours like black, chocolate, mink and latte are finished with statement logo details at the waistband.

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The new activewear offering includes a minimalist bodysuit and bike pants, which both offer light-to-moderate absorbency, as well as a sports bra and mesh T-shirt made from deadstock fabric.

A pair of classic fit mid-rise briefs come in light-to-moderate or moderate-to-heavy absorbency. There’s also high-waist briefs and a G-string cut that can be worn any day of the week to protect from spotting, light flows or bladder leaks.

All of the pieces can be worn alone or used as an added layer of protection with cups or tampons on heavier days. They can even function as part of your regular workout gear. “We designed the bike shorts to be worn every day for people looking for more conscious choices in this space – but because they have our underwear built in, they provide leakproof support,” Quade says. “They’re a great piece for postpartum too.”

The brand uses merino next-to-skin liners that draw moisture away from the body to keep you feeling comfortable. There are two additional layers that work to absorb liquid and keep each pair damp-free. And the outer shell has a shapewear effect that offers support without feeling restrictive.

Anyone who menstruates knows it’s not just the time you’re actively bleeding that has an impact each month. Understanding your cycle and how it affects your physical and mental health is an important part of supporting your body through each phase.

“Our free Nurturing You platform hosts an array of yoga, meditations and workouts dedicated to various phases of the menstrual cycle,” Quade says. “We’re continually expanding the offering, alongside our live events – where we offer a mix of ticketed and free events for the local community to come along and connect with each other.” The digital wellness space includes videos for meditation, breathwork and yoga geared towards balancing hormones and supporting energy levels throughout follicular, ovulation, luteal and menstrual phases.


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