Canadian fashion label Kit and Ace is in hot water after letting employees know they had lost their jobs via Facebook and Instagram.

The company intends to close all 32 of its non-Canadian stores – across Australia, the USA and the UK – as part of a corporate restructure. Australian stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are among those that permanently closed yesterday and immediately terminated their staff.

Vera Gayduk, a former employee at Melbourne’s Chadstone store, discovered early yesterday morning that she had lost her job, right before she was due in for work. Her manager (who was also unaware of the closure), had forwarded her and the rest of the staff the Instagram post.

“My last shift was on Monday and I had no idea I wasn’t going to be coming back,” she tells Broadsheet.

For Gayduk, the biggest shock was the lack of communication and loyalty from the brand.

“We did vigorous training with three intensive days about communication and integrity … it’s counterintuitive of them to, without telling everybody, let everyone go,” she says. “We are the ones who implemented the things they taught us in training and carried out their ideology of integrity, but they don’t care about us, or care about telling us, they just care about selling.”

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Yesterday’s social media post encouraged customers to “stay in touch” and shop the collection online.

Customers with store vouchers are waiting to learn if refunds would be provided or if the vouchers would be extended to online purchasing.

Broadsheet reached out to Kit and Ace at their physical stores and online, but had not heard back at the time of publishing.