While the Bureau of Meteorology offered us a shade of good news last week – that La Niña will soon depart our shores – it quickly deflated our happiness by announcing the imminent arrival of its friend, the Indian Ocean Dipole. The outlook? Wet for most of the country, for most of the winter. Sigh.

Your feet, though, may find solace in word of a new gumboot collab between Melbourne’s Merry People and Auckland’s Karen Walker. The two labels have teamed up to release a limited edition co-branded green gumboot with gold trim and a tan sole.

Like the rest of the Merry People range, it’s aimed at people looking for a wet-weather shoe that is stylish and comfortable. Made with a natural rubber exterior, it has a four-millimetre neoprene lining (the material used for wetsuits) that insulates as well as protects your feet from the wet.

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For Merry People’s founder and CEO, Danielle Holloway – who launched the label in Melbourne in 2014 – the collab is an exciting development.

“I will never forget the Friday afternoon when my customer service team called out that Karen Walker had emailed through asking if we were interested in a collaboration,” she says in a statement. “I remember saving up to purchase a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses when I was in high school, so it was quite a surreal moment and made me reflect on how far I had grown my business. The collaboration and meeting Karen in person has been a huge career highlight for me.”

Walker is equally happy. “There are so many parallels in our journeys, both as individuals and as brands, and to see all of this culminate in a stylish and purposeful boot is just wonderful. We couldn’t be happier with the result of this collaboration, and we hope our customers will feel the same,” she says.

You can pair your boots with a couple of other wet-weather pieces from the Kiwi brand. Also available in green and gold is a hooded waterproof jacket and a polka-dot umbrella made in partnership with Blunt.

The Merry People x Karen Walker special-edition gumboot is $159.95.