When it comes to hair, there are many old-wives tales to lead us astray, from bread crusts and carrots for curls, to shampooing on the full moon. There are few who practise good hair care beyond the standard wash and condition – Lucy Vincent Marr is one of them.

Lucy and her husband Stephen Marr run several high-end hair salons in New Zealand. They also co-own Takapuna's The Department Store with Dan Gosling of cult fashion label, Stolen Girlfriend's Club and Karen Walker.

Lucy began developing products for Sans [Ceuticals] in 2009. She wanted to create products that used natural, active ingredients for hair (and body) that could be multifunctional and did what she wanted them to. After 20 years in the hair business, she knew what results to look for, and while simple adjustments such as using specialist products and running the shower at a cooler temperature make all the difference – "Good hair comes from good all-round health, including the food we eat as well as our environment,” she says.

She wanted to pair her knowledge and experience working with hair with others who are experts in their fields. She developed the range with a lot of sound advice; researching the most-efficient, biodegradable packaging materials with environmental scientists at The University of Auckland, and working closely with cosmetologists and allergy specialists in the sampling phase. The result is a brand that has really done its homework and a range of products that are like nothing else out there in composition and effect.

The “Sans” in Sans [Ceuticals] means without, as in clean and pure ingredients without the excess. These products are based on highly active nutrients that “feed” hair with notes of citrus, vanilla and Lucy's favourite component, vitamin A. "Our active ingredients are dialled up to really high levels to work on cellular health as well as skin and hair structure." Marr says. The Sans [Ceuticals] website provides a wealth of product tips, as well as plenty of stylish, practical tutorials for managing hair.

Sans [Ceuticals] has been designed to simplify – to turn down the noise when it comes to hair. We ask Lucy for some of her wisdom: the basics on how to wash your hair.

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Use a really good quality shampoo and conditioner.
Having been in the industry for 20 years, the one I always come back to for super-healthy hair is good everyday care at home. Invest in your shampoo and conditioner. This is especially true for anyone who colours their hair.

Look for protein.
When buying shampoos and conditioners, look for protein content in the ingredients list. This is the foundation of strong, healthy hair. On the label it is generally stated as protein, but can also be called an amino acid. Amino acids are the best kind of protein for hair as they are smaller in molecular weight and can therefore penetrate the hair more efficiently.

Try to wash your hair twice a week.
This always depends on hair type, but after a while the hair and scalp will normalise, develop a natural body and you will see a reduction in frizz.

Do “Rinse and Repeat”.
It's true! The first shampoo cleanses, while the second actually treats the hair and scalp. The best thing to do is lather the second shampoo and leave for 60 seconds to allow the ingredients to do their work.

Leave it in.
A small amount of the right conditioner can be left in to the mid-lengths and ends of wet hair to moisturise and give it texture. Not every day, save this for when your hair needs it.