Fashion trends come and go, but certain pieces are timeless – the little black dress, a smart white sneaker, well-fitted denim jeans. For fashion stylist Xanthe Wetzler, a neutral-coloured short-suit – such as Oroton’s treacle-hued double-breasted blazer and matching pleated shorts – is ideal for the warmer months.

“I think it’s just incredibly classic and versatile, and also quite nostalgic,” says Wetzler. “You just think of those iconic images of beautiful women from the ’90s and early ’00s, like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or Cindy Crawford. It’s not fitted, which I think is very modern.”

As the industry becomes increasingly concerned with fast fashion, one of its key messages has been to invest in classic, long-lasting pieces rather than garments only made to last a single season. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t new trends and styles.

Here Wetzler shares her tips for styling this centrepiece suit to channel the latest spring and summer trends.

Opt for a crop
At fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, Wetzler saw a comeback of statement crop tops, bras and bikini tops peeking out from under well-cut suits and jackets.

“A way to elevate [the suit] at night, which I think would be super chic, is [wearing] just a bra or black bikini top underneath … with a pair of black low heels, slicked back hair and a big gold necklace,” she says.

She also suggests pairing the suit with another wardrobe staple most women have: “I would literally just grab any black triangle bikini – who doesn’t have that in their wardrobe?”

Make it old school
For a casual look, Wetzler circles back to that iconic Pretty Woman scene.

“I would do a really classic, crisp, quite fitted white T-shirt – just a classic tee you’ve got in your wardrobe – a great pair of loafers and even some little socks,” she says. “[Those], with a beautiful wristwatch and maybe some gold chains.”

Combine the classics
A blazer isn’t strictly reserved for the office. Pare it back with two laidback staples: denim jeans and flats.

“Again, keep it classic: a great pair of vintage jeans or any loose-fitting, straight-leg jeans with a white shirt, T-shirt or tank and just the blazer thrown over the top,” Wetzler says.

And for your feet? “I think you could do a loafer, you could do a sneaker, you could do a ballet flat, or you can dress up a bit and do a small heel, too.”

Try something sportier
“This is definitely a daytime, running around, going out for lunch, running your errands type of look,” Wetzler says. “I would wear the shorts with a really fitted tank, make it a little bit sportier – like a high-neck racer tank in a really nice cotton – and then you could wear it with a cool pair of fashion sneakers with a little sock.”

She suggests keeping accessories to a minimum: a cool pair of classic sunnies or delicate silver or gold chain.

“With the more relaxed, casual cuts that we’re seeing everywhere, the shorts with just a sneaker and tank 100 per cent falls into that trend,” she adds.

Keep mixing it up
There are a number of other ways to wear the suit. You could throw the jacket over over a shirt dress for a lunch date or over a mini dress for a night out, or dress up the shorts for work with a button-down shirt and heels.

“The thing about Oroton [is] it’s classic,” says Wetzler. “They’re not chasing after trends but you can adapt all these pieces to wear with those trends.”

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Oroton.