Gen Rosen didn’t expect that buying sheets would lead to a new career path. Rosen’s decision to create Bed Threads, an Australian bedding and homewares brand, came after she discovered a gap in the market for linen sheets at an affordable price. And, she says, caring for linen sheets doesn’t need to be difficult: “The thing about linen is that it’s a natural fibre and it will genuinely last you for years and years to come if you care for it correctly.” Before launching, Rosen spent two years making sure the product was perfect. Here, she shares her advice on how to make sure your new sheets give you a cosy night’s sleep for as long as possible.

Getting the most out of your wash
Rosen recommends washing your sheets about once a week. Her tips here are simple – use a low temperature setting, choose an eco-friendly liquid detergent, and don’t overcrowd the machine. Feel free to choose any colour you like, says Rosen: “It doesn't matter if you go for a bold colour or a neutral tone, they all wash the same.”

Don’t worry if you can’t follow this advice to a tee though. Some of the newer washing machines – such as the AEG 10kg 9000 Series AutoDose Front Load washing machine – have the technology to administer a precise dosage of detergent to your washing to protect your sheet’s look and feel over time, while also monitoring water and energy usage.

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“I think the main thing is actually just don't overcrowd the washing machine – don't be tempted to wash all your sheets, all your towels, all your clothes and shove it in at once,” Rosen says.

Drying your best
For non-linen sheets, tumble drying at a low temperature will keep them looking and feeling good for a longer time.

Linen sheets – which can hold up to 20 times their weight in water, which is part of why they’re so durable to wear and tear – can be put in the dryer, but Rosen has some additional tips. She also recommends “line-drying in the sun, weather-permitting, because it just makes it feel really crisp and beautiful”. Just like the advice for washing, there is always wiggle room when it comes to caring for linen sheets.

Shelf reflection
If you aren’t putting your sheets straight back onto the bed, storing them correctly is also important. Rosen’s advice is straightforward: “Make sure your linen is 100 per cent dry and never ever use plastic containers or bags.”

Storing them in a linen bag can be a good choice, but not a necessity. Rosen’s tip is just to ensure you keep them in a cool, dry area.

Keep it simple
If taken care of correctly, linen sheets should last for years. “I just really want to stress that the best thing about linen is that it's simple, it's beautiful, and truly a fuss-free fibre.”

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