Ah-jay? Ah-jee? Ahj?

Australian fashion label Aje has been around since 2008, but confusion still persists about how to pronounce its name. Turns out, it’s just “age”. The name is an acronym for “Adrian Joins Edwina” – aka co-founders Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson.

Aje’s spring 2021 collection, Reimagination, nods to the long-running debate with a mini-drop called the Phonetics Series, joining the label’s signature range of logo-emblazoned apparel.

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The designs feature the label’s name – capitalised in a simple sans serif font – front and centre, and a smaller line underneath spelling out how it’s pronounced. The pieces come in neutral colourways (black on white, white on black, and white and grey) and can be dressed up with accessories or kept simple with everyday denim jeans.

There are unisex short sleeve shorts, women’s long sleeve tees and jumpers. Each one is made with 100 per cent cotton for a soft, casual top made for comfort.


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