One of the more positive peculiarities of 2020 has been getting better acquainted with our homes and peeking inside other people’s.

“I have been loving getting a glimpse into everyone's houses and apartments [throughout] Covid,” says Aussie fashion designer and Holiday the Label founder Emma Mulholland.

“So often people are focused on vacations and travel, so I found it quite cool to see what people decided to put out there when they couldn't leave [home] and how cute everyone made their own spaces look.”

Mulholland wanted to channel that cuteness while shooting her label’s latest collaboration with eyewear brand Local Supply, creating a portrait series starring stylish pals donning the new sunglasses.

“We decided to do a 'Holiday at Home' series of our friends and collaborators in their own space wearing the eyewear and shooting it with all the interesting pieces they had lying around,” she says.

Kicking off the ongoing series are media personality and designer Flex Mami (who Broadsheet declared one of the most charismatic Australians in the internet earlier this year), DJ and model agent Valerie Norman, and actor and surfer Sean Keenan.

The limited-edition handcrafted sunnies come in two styles: bright, cat-eye Wipeouts with curved temples, and more angular, translucent Sunnyboys.

The sturdy acetate frames come in a range of colours such as lime green, sky blue vintage tort and pink pearl, with a mix of coloured UV-safe lenses made from nylon.

They’re both $160 a pair with free shipping. So, which is Mulholland’s pick?

“I go through phases but at the moment I am loving the off-white Wipeouts – they seem to go well with everything,” she says.