Whether you’re keen to make a statement, looking for a simple carrier that will fit all your work stuff or chasing something in between, there’s a stack of classy work bags on the market right now. Broadsheet asked stylist Jade Leung – known for her work with brands such as Nobody Denim, Nike and Converse – to pick out some of her favourites.

The dressy backpack

It can be hard to shake the idea that backpacks are a bit daggy – but things are changing. Leung’s next suggestion is a bag that’s simultaneously convenient and on trend. The People Like Us bag ($299.95) by Status Anxiety is a compact yet surprisingly spacious matte-black backpack that’s both understated and beautiful. “I chose this backpack style because obviously a lot of us do commute in or ride our bikes,” Leung says. “Backpacks are becoming such a big fashion piece as it is, and I think this is a really beautiful alternative to a work bag that is still really dressy and sophisticated.”

The classic laptop bag

For a bag that is sophisticated, functional and complements any look, Leung recommends the Ruben Laptop Bag by Oroton ($399) for its quality and simplicity. “It’s really clean,” she says, “there’s no branding on it and it looks really well made.” It has a functional, timeless quality, unconnected to any particular season or trend, so it can be used over many years.

The functional, on-the-go classic

“This next one,” Leung says, “it’s a classic. Most people I know own this messenger bag by Crumpler.” When the bag ($249) first hit the market it was well known for its bright colours, but Leung has picked out a black version as a good option for those looking for something work appropriate but not dressy. “It doesn’t seem as formal and stuffy and conservative, which I think is why it’s been so popular,” she says. They’re also very durable, which is a sustainability plus. There are a bunch of colours to choose from if black’s not your bag – and there are compartments, so you can keep all your stuff separate.

The waterproof number

If you commute to work on a bike or public transport, then you are likely to get caught in the occasional storm. But that doesn’t mean you should just accept that your lunch (and laptop) are doomed to get soggy. Enter the Rains MSN Bag ($140). “This unisex duffle comes with all the interior creature comforts and will survive unexpected downpours,” Leung says. The MSN bag comes in a range of muted tones and, according to Leung, has “clever compartments” that help with organisation.

The timeless option

Finally, if you’re looking to both treat yourself and get something that will likely last a lifetime, Leung has selected the Henri bag by Bally ($1355). “It’s a classic Bally business bag,” she says, highlighting the red and white grosgrain detailing that runs down the middle for a pop of colour. “It’s [made from] beautiful, soft leather – and reliable.” A particular highlight for Leung is that the zip goes all the way round the side, making it easier to access. “I think this is a really nice heritage, timeless piece that you’ll probably keep forever.”

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