If you’re still supermarket-hopping in search of a travel-sized hand sanitiser, perhaps it’s time for a bulk buy.

Noosa-based company Saya Skincare is selling the sought-after stuff in huge five-litre containers, so you can forget about replenishing your stocks for a while.

The scent-free, plant-based gel is made with 70 per cent ethanol, and it comes with a handy pump to make transferring to other containers a spill-free process. (Saya also sells it in refillable 250 and 500-millilitre bottles.)

Handwashing with soap and warm water is the best practice for hygiene and disease prevention, but when you’re on the go, using hand sanitiser with at least 60 per cent alcohol is a solid alternative, according to Healthdirect Australia.

We’ve rounded up a few other places you can buy hand sanitiser online here.

Saya Skincare’s five-litre hand sanitiser is $200. It’s available online. Australia-wide shipping is free and takes five to 10 business days.