Peter Winkle and Nick Perry got their start in 2012, selling glasses at Bondi Market. Nine years on, their eyewear and optometry business Bailey Nelson has 72 stores spread across the globe.

This rapid expansion is a testament to the company’s approach to aesthetics (sharp), prices (low) and quality (high). Winkle and Perry believe that, like shoes, glasses can be a statement piece selected to match each occasion. You might have a fancy formal pair, a relaxed pair for home, and another for socialising.

This thinking is reflected in Sculpted, the brand’s new range of prescription glasses and sunnies. As the name implies, each of the new shapes looks sculpted out of the acetate. Each frame is hand-finished, with polished surfaces on the front and matte edges elsewhere.

Sidney is a bow-tie silhouette inspired by looks spotted on the streets of Europe, in subtle black or sepia-hued tort. Agnes is a slightly more rounded and subtle take on the classic cat eye and comes in either transparent sandstone or a new shade, the warm papaya tort.

Two classic unisex shapes have also been updated: the round Darby (in black, papaya tort and another new hue, a sunny agave) and the boxy Roland (in either black or clear khaki). Plus, new squares: Maurice is a thin, rectangular silhouette that draws inspiration from 1960s London and comes in black or an eye-catching emerald tone, while the chunkier Tommaso is a curved shape with a sloped brow-line that takes cues from Italian race car drivers – get it in papaya tort or black.

Each pair of specs costs $145 for non-prescription polarised sunnies or single vision prescription lenses, with Bailey Nelson offering a deal on two pairs for $250 with either lens option. Premium multifocal lenses come with a two for $250 offer, and high prescription lenses are $195 each or two for $350.

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