Faux fur, pompoms, sequins and metallic tees, are just a few of the eccentric designs produced by Melbourne dog-wear label Eye of Dog. Owner and designer Kathy Edsall started the label in 2016 when she couldn’t find any interesting clothes she loved for her chihuahua, Eyvi.

“Everything looked really daggy on her,” says Edsall. “My dog is almost like a cat, she doesn’t care what you think, she’s always doing her own thing.”

Edsall handmakes every garment with a fabric-first approach. “If I find a really unique fabric then I’ll use that and try to figure out how I can turn it into something,” she says. “Rather than starting with a design and then finding a fabric.”

Eye of Dog blends metallic materials, knits and faux fur to create turtlenecks, T-shirts and jackets. The Milk Top Faux Fur jumper’s faux-fur shoulders brings to mind Meryl Streep’s power dressing in The Devil Wears Prada. And the “Trianglegram” is a rave-ready holographic spandex geometric-patterned jumpsuit.

“My clothes are more out there because I make them at home, I have more freedom and I can experiment with different designs,” Edsall says of the custom designs she produces.

“When my dog wears the garments down the street, I really love how it makes people happy,” says Edsall. “Everyone gets excited and comes over to pat her, it makes people smile to see a dog all dressed up.”

Edsall also makes hand-stamped dog tags featuring phrases such as “Cute AF,” “Boss Bitch” and “Sassy AF.” Additionally, Eye of Dog caters to a broad range of shapes with sizes ranging from XXXXS up to large.