Flannel might not be the sexiest material, but it sure is cosy and comfy – and deeply warming in winter.

Australia-owned and designed bedding label Sheet Society has decided to launch its first sleepwear range in the material it uses to make its Frankie Flannelette sheet sets, a soft, 100 per cent double-brushed Oeko-Tex certified cotton. The material is biodegradable, breathable and made without harsh dies.

The Frankie Flannelette PJs come in two unisex colours, Jett and Alby. Alby is a nostalgic plaid of deep greens and greys, while Jett is a warmer rust and blush colour. They both have piping detail, buttons down the front, as well as pockets. Sheet Society designed them in the same material as its flannel sheets to encourage a bit of fun.

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“We want shoppers to be able to craft a bedroom that’s uniquely them, so pyjamas that you can mix and match with your bed was a natural, and playful, extension of our ever popular Frankie Flannelette sheet set,” Hayley Worley, the CEO, said in a statement.

The Frankie Flannelette PJs are $95 and available for a limited time only.


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