Last year we saw Barbie pink boom and rich brown hues take over our wardrobes, homes and even beauty routines. But 2024 is proving a more pastel mood.

Pantone named Peach Fuzz the colour of the year. And while there’s no denying that stone fruit-inspired saturations have been popping up a lot lately, we’ve also noticed a shift towards mellow yellows growing stronger by the day.

“The spectrum of pastels is emerging as a mainstay across seasons as consumers respond to colours that feel calm, comforting and soothing,” says Tully Walter, futures strategist at human-insights think tank Soon. “In an age of rapid and accelerating complexity, a landscape characterised by simultaneous crises – known as ‘polycrisis’ – consumers will increasingly be drawn to the colours and designs that boost and soothe our mood.”

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As we edge closer to autumn, a more subtle take on the sun-drenched shade marketed as gen Z yellow is coming to the forefront. Banana motifs might be having a moment, but this trend is all about shades of whipped butter, limoncello spritz and fluffy scrambled eggs – or a stack of perfect pancakes.

“Mellow yellows feel especially soothing because of the adjacency to our natural world. From sunlight to wattle buds, right through to soft sand between our toes, there’s a visceral link between the colour and our human evolution that’s both comforting and energising – something we’re craving in our wardrobes and lives,” Walter tells Broadsheet over email.

Harling Ross stans might remember when stick of butter dressing did the rounds in 2018 – and now the sartorial sorbet is back. In wardrobes it acts as an alternative neutral for when white feels too bright but beige too boring. And in our homes it brings gentle colour to the mix.

For furniture brand Mustard Made, butter was an easy choice to add to its colourful range. But creating the perfect shade proved a trickier proposition. “We spend a long time selecting the shades we bring into our rainbow. We tend to do this in a very IRL way, with paint swatches, scraps of fabric, ripped pages in magazines and colour reference books. We look for the perfect shade to sink right into our existing range, as if it was always meant to be there,” co-founder Becca Stern says. “Sometimes a colour on metal just doesn't sing the way it did on paper, but eventually we arrive at the final colour”.

These are our favourite mellow yellow pieces to add to your outfits, dinner tables and wherever else you see fit.

Jacquemus Ovalo sunglasses

$530 Jacquemus Ovalo sunglasses

Sandrine tailored mini dress

$620 Sandrine tailored mini dress

Chrisopher Esber Framed Draped Slice dress

$1100 Chrisopher Esber Framed draped slice dress

Wynn Hamlyn Sophia mini dress

NZ$495 Wynn Hamlyn Sophia mini dress

Paris Georgia Dune wedge

$890 Paris Georgia Dune wedge

Lee Mathews Mina skirt

$449 Lee Mathews Mina skirt

Aere tailored linen pants

$120 Aere tailored linen pants

Country Road Pocket Detail shirt

$159 Country Road Pocket Detail shirt

July Everyday Crescent bag

$95 July Everyday crescent bag

Senso Trina I heels

$129 Senso Trina I heels

Oroton Bow Detail shift dress

$499 Oroton bow detail shift dress

Hansen & Gretel Clara dress

$449 Hansen and Gretel Clara dress

Maggie Marilyn The Marilyn Baby Tee Yellow Rose

$150 Maggie Marilyn The Marilyn Baby Tee Yellow Rose

Bode Beaded Chicory shirt

$1200 Bode Beaded Chicory shirt

Frank Green ceramic reusable bottle

$59.95 Frank Green ceramic reusable bottle

Mud tea cup & saucer

$110 Mud tea cup & saucer

Maison Balzac Wild Rose napkins

$119 Maison Balzac Wild Rose napkins

XRJ Celebrations Pillar candle

$25 XRJ Celebrations Pillar candle

Nonna’s Grocer Butter candle

$36 Nonna’s Grocer butter candle

Hay laundry basket

$42 Hay laundry basket

Mustard Made The Midi locker

$419 Mustard Made The Midi locker

Roomie bedding set

$361 Roomie bedding set

Robert Gordon Pottery ceramic wall pearl sconce

$550 Robert Gordon Pottery ceramic wall pearl sconce

Lucky Things Butter plant pin

$45 Lucky Things Butter plant pin

Degoey Planet Ribbon vase

$299 Degoey Planet Ribbon vase

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