Dental care is one of the most important parts of the everyday routine, but Georgia Geminder, the founder of Australian oral-care brand Gem, reckons not enough people are as diligent about what they put into their mouths as they are with skincare and even home cleaning products.

That’s why she launched Gem in early 2020: to offer a non-toxic, plant-based and probiotic alternative to regular toothpaste. The brand debuted with a minty toothpaste, followed by three other flavours, biodegradable dental floss and microbiome-friendly mouthwash.

The latest addition to its repertoire is toothpaste bites, which look like small breath mints. They turn into paste when you bite down on them, and can be used the same way as everyday toothpaste. Chomp down, brush, spit and rinse as normal. No water is required.

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The bites contain different key ingredients from Gem’s original toothpaste, but they’re just as good for your teeth and gums. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that’s also proven to reduce plaque formation and prevent tooth decay, while calcium carbonate (an earth mineral) acts as a mild abrasive that effectively cleans and polishes your teeth. Peppermint powder and mint oils give the refreshing toothpaste taste we’re all used to, without any artificial flavours.

The bites are also better for the planet: they come in a reusable glass jar, which means less plastic ending in landfill (and no more toothpaste explosions in your bag, so you can brush on the go). Each jar contains 60 tabs and costs $15.

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