It can be difficult to differentiate what’s just trendy in beauty, and what’s actually worth investing your time and money in. Here are the products we’re adding to our cabinet this year, based on expert advice.

No-needle treatments: skincare that mimics the salon experience

Booking into the medi-spa for a tweak has become more commonplace. “Baby botox” (smaller amounts for tiny lines), jaw lifts and non-invasive face lifts have all grown in popularity. There are a number of skincare brands going against this trend though, offering non-invasive treatments you can do at home.

Emma Lewisham spent four years working on her latest product, dubbed “natural botox in a bottle”. The Supernatural Vitale Elixir is a facial muscle relaxant that inhibits the neural activity that leads to the muscle contraction responsible for wrinkles.

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If treating pigmentation with laser was on your salon treatment wish list, try Dermalogica’s at-home Powerbright Dark Spot Peel. It claims to reduce pigmentation over a few weeks in an easy-use one-step application.

Korean beauty brand VT, the go-to for those in the know, has a product that’s like a microneedling session in a bottle, VT Reedle Shot. Microneedling, an in-clinic technique of skin needling, is where tiny needles create punctures in the skin to stimulate the production of collagen for renewed skin and complexions. This potent product is made with nano-biotechnology, which contains micro-needle-shaped ingredients smaller than pores to mimic the effect with no needles.

Caring for our skin barrier

Many of us have gone back to basics to renew our over-wrought skin barriers. Phrases like “skin cycling” have popped up, promoting breaks from active products to promote a healthy skin microbiome, allowing it to restore and rebuild.

Ella Bache’s national training manager, Gina Cook, explains: “We know how important the flora is in our gut – it’s the same for our skin. A healthy level of microbes on our skin keeps its acidity, hydration and function balanced. The skin barrier can become depleted making it more vulnerable and lead to things such as heightened sensitivity, unbalanced oil flow and excessively dry or flaky skin.” Products like its Sensibeautics Intensive Recovery Serum and Rescue Cream contain pre- and probiotics to promote skin health just as you would add them to your diet for internal balance and health.

Looking after the skin barrier can come at different stages in the routine too. Ultraceuticals’ Ultra Calming Cleanser is a pH-balanced formula that aims to protect you at the start of your skincare process. Kate Somerville’s DeliKate® Soothing Cleanser contains amino acids and ceramides to reduce visible redness and calm irritation. There’s also overnight barrier building while you sleep with products like REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm.


I’m not the only one whose routine takes time and a lot of space. No wonder the term “skinstreaming”, aka streamlining our skin care routines, has started to gain traction.

What better way to reclaim more time than by skipping two steps in your daily routine. Recently launched in Australia, French beauty icon Violette Fr offers Boum Boum Milk. It’s a three-in-one mist toner, moisturiser and serum. There’s also Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment. It contains lactic acid to refine and clarify the skin, liquorice to brighten age spots and arnica to boost circulation. Or Tatcha’s Dewy Serum that promises a three-in-one serum of clean ingredients – lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and squalane to lock in moisture.

Don’t neglect below the neck

New Zealand brand Tronque is extolling the virtues of targeted skincare for the body. Founder and CEO Tanné Snowden has said: “We tend to naturally take more care … [of the] skin of our face … than the skin of our body, as we can often conceal this with clothing. The skin of the body is, after all, 85 per cent of your largest organ.”

Tronque’s products include its Vitamin C Firming Oil and Firming Body Butter, which are supercharged with well-known face actives such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and niacinamide. “The active ingredients we use are in the same percentages as you would typically find in the best facecare products on the market, says Snowden.

The same can be said for Bread’s Macadamia Oil, notable for its fragrance-free, cold-pressed Australian Macadamias. It’s another product aimed at hair and scalp but extends to body care. It claims to be perfect for treating skin head to toe with naturally occurring squalene.

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