Undone waves and no-makeup makeup trends have defined the last decade of hair and beauty. But all that has changed in the past few months.

Glam is back and arguably better than ever. Thanks to new technologies, some of the best heat tools out there now pledge to protect and repair your hair, creating shine in the process. And there’s a reason that Dyson is the name on everyone’s lips when it comes to this era of styling.

The brand has made the science behind its tools a selling point. While all hair is different, the intelligent heat control that powers the Supersonic dryer, Corrale straightener and cult Airwrap multi-styler is engineered to support your strands. Faster drying times and more even heat distribution help to protect dry, damaged or coloured hair. The tools are also lightweight, which makes handling during styling an easier task.

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For hair stylist and Dyson styling ambassador Peter Thomsen, the Airwrap is the best choice for achieving the bouncy, ’90s blowout that has taken over in the past few months. “We’re seeing it all over Tiktok and Instagram. This moment is really all about having groomed hair again,” he says.

If you’ve been inspired by Zendaya’s butterfly bob, lusted after Matilda Djerf’s signature flounce or sat down at the salon with a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” cut, read on.

“The Airwrap is a great option for people who maybe aren’t as confident with styling their hair but want that blowout result,” Thomsen says. “You’re breaking the bonds from damp to dry using just one tool to create body when you might normally use a round brush and dryer.”

Taking your hair in fine to medium sections (depending on its density), work the Airwrap around your head, using Velcro rollers or pins to keep each section curled as you go. The cool button is what sets the hair, so remember to hit it before you move on to the next piece. “Make sure the hair is completely dry so that humidity doesn’t make your style drop or frizz,” Thomsen says. “Then let it all cool down before brushing out your curls. This will give you that beautiful bounce”. A texture spray can help enhance and hold your style once you’re done on the tools.

“We’re also seeing bounce hanging at the ends of the hair in this trend. This is a great option if you don’t want so much volume through the top but still want that ’90s feel where the curls sit on the mid-lengths and ends,” he says. “Again, take the curl out of the barrel and let it sit to cool down before you brush it through.”

Heatless curl hacks are also doing the rounds on Tiktok, with everything from Lululemon leggings to carrots being used to create envious waves. But for Thomsen, a good cut and a routine that cares for your tresses is just as important as how you’re styling when it comes to maintaining good hair health.

We all know that trends come and go (remember when perms made a comeback?) but the secret to always having good hair days is to do what suits you best. “Focus on getting the right cut for your hair texture and colour for your skin tone. I think that's when you feel confident no matter what the trend is,” Thomsen says.

If you’re on the fence or looking to learn a few tips and tricks (and you’re based in Sydney), you can visit Dyson's George Street showroom and see what all the fuss is about. The team offers complimentary 45-minute hair analysis sessions to help you choose the right tools and attachments. You can also book a complimentary 15-minute styling demo or an hour-long blow dry appointment for $60.

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