The “skinification” of hair – and a growing interest in scalp health – has created space for significant product innovation in the past few years. Aussie brand Nak Hair has recently launched Roh, a range that is designed to tackle the root of hair problems.

With a focus on the scalp’s microbiome, the 11-product collection is for all hair types but particularly cares for heads that are dealing with flakiness, itchiness and irritation.

Who: Roh
What: Daily Hair Tonic
When: Daily on damp or dry hair
Where: Whole head. Spray from roots to ends and comb through.
Why: To help hydrate and detangle hair, including balancing the scalp microbiome.
How: Bakuchiol, prickly pear and biotin help to build resilience and support the hair growth cycle. Can be used alongside the Scalp Renew serum to further soothe scalp concerns and stimulate growth.

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Roh Daily Hair Tonic

from $16.95 Roh Daily Hair Tonic

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