Retinoids have set the beauty world buzzing in the past few years. Go-To launched its eye product a couple of months ago, and now the brand is back with a serum for your entire face.

Who: Go-To
What: Very Amazing Retinal
When: After cleansing on dry skin. Start one-to-two times per week for beginners, moving to nightly use as your skin adjusts and allows. Don’t use it on the same day as other active ingredients, like AHAs and BHAs.
Where: Whole face
Why: To help reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles, while also increasing elasticity and smoothness in the skin.
How: Retinal is a potent form of vitamin A that increases skin cell turnover and promotes the production of collagen. Peptides, honey locust extract, niacinamide and mushroom extract also work to soothe and hydrate the skin. Together, this promotes a smoother finish to the skin, Go-To claims.

Go-To Very Amazing Retinal

$85 Go-To Very Amazing Retinal

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