If lockdown left your glasses admin down toward the end of your to-do list, you might be squinting into the sun right now cursing yourself for never replacing those snapped sunnies. Or worse - you've spent most days trying to adjust your wonky prescription frames day in, day out.

Now is the time to replace your sunnies and your prescription glasses, if you need to, because Bailey Nelson is letting you buy two pairs of their specs for $250 at the moment. The brand, which began in Bondi Beach way back in 2012, is known for its low price points in general, as well as its commitment to Sydney-based designs that straddle the line between trend-driven and timeless style.

Right now, you can buy two pairs of prescription glasses or polarised non-prescription sunnies for $250, and you're allowed to choose across the entire range of glasses. The prescription lenses are premium single vision (with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating), and non-prescription lenses are polarised.

If you're keen to get on the blue light glasses trend you can also add a blue light filter to any of the label's optical frames for $50 extra.


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