Australian sisters Jess and Stef Dadon launched Twoobs in 2016, as an alternative to the impractical footwear common in the women’s fashion industry. The label’s comfy, lightweight velcro sandals have since become a fixture on Australian streets, in a riot of bright colours.

Twoobs are often styled with socks for a fun two-tone look, or you can thread on the label’s decorative, scrunchie-like “Thingys” to add a ruffled feminine look. The Thingys can be changed or replaced from season to season or even day to day, depending on trends, wear and tear, and your mood.

This circular approach is a hallmark of the brand, which is vegan and works with recycled cotton, lycra, and EVA foam produced from sugarcane. Twoobs also recycles customers’ old shoes at the end of their life in exchange for a $10 voucher.

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Now comes its newest innovation: a collab with Ananas Anam. The B Corp-certified company produces Piñatex, a revolutionary vegan leather made from pineapple leaves and coated in a petroleum-derived resin for longevity. It’s not environmentally perfect, but it’s far superior to cow leather or synthetic alternatives in terms of ecological impact. It’s also softer and more pliable than other synthetic leathers.

The limited-edition collection includes four typically vibrant styles: the lavender and metallic silver Jennifer Anisweet, an OG style with back heel strap; the Juicy Liu, another OG style in green and metallic gold; Keanu Leaves, a black, silver and gold slide; and the chunky platform sandal Pine-elope Cruz, in the same colours.

“In 2020 we moved away from making metallic shoes because we couldn’t find a metallic material that made a statement while meeting our environmental standards,” the sisters say. “Piñatex is a leader in the sustainable fashion space. We’ve been watching their work for years and only dreaming of one day being able to collaborate with them. Their thoughtful practices paired with the Twoobs ethos makes these shoes some of the most environmentally focused on the market, and that’s something we’re endlessly proud of.”

The Twoobs x Piñatex collection also includes four different coloured Thingys in a squiggly new design, reminiscent of metallic ribbon tied in a bow. Each piece is available exclusively at until sold out, in sizes ranging from EU 35 to 45 (adults) and 28 to 34 (kids).

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