No tampons? No worries. Now in its eighth year of business, Modibodi continues to offer a sustainable (and comfortable) alternative to disposable menstrual products. Its seamless, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial undies are made with a mix of natural fabrics – including bamboo, merino wool and breathable microfibres – resulting in soft, snug underwear that can hold multiple tampons’ worth of liquid depending on the level of absorbency you choose.

Now the innovative Australian label has added two new garments to its range. Its new sleep shorts and anti-chafing shorts are designed for maximum cosiness. The two styles differ in absorbency, but both are cushy and functional enough to wear even on non-flow days.

The sleep shorts ($60) feature maximum absorbency for heavy periods overnight, with no leaks to skin or sheets. They hold up to 50 millilitres of liquid – the average amount for most women is 40 millilitres during the entire period – and can be worn for up to 24 hours. The high-waist, mid-thigh design resembles bike shorts, so you can wear them around the house discreetly.

Meanwhile, the seam-free anti-chafing shorts ($50) are made with soft materials and can easily be worn under any outfit for everyday use (there’s even a tan version to hide under light or translucent garments). They’re suitable for moderate to heavy flows, without the need for an additional layer of undies.

The sleep shorts are available in black for sizes 8 to 18 while the anti-chafing shorts come in two shades and go from size 12 up to 26.

The rest of the range currently includes bikini, high-waisted, boyleg, full brief, lacy, maternity and other styles of underwear in basic colours (such as black, white and tan) to fun hues and bright prints.

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