When Adore Beauty surveyed its audience about sunscreen use, a third of respondents said they don’t wear an SPF every day. But 80 per cent of them also said that if their cosmeceuticals contained an SPF, they’d apply it daily.

For 20 years, you’ve been able to shop a plethora of skincare and beauty brands on Adore Beauty. Now the platform has launched its own private label of skincare products, called Ab Lab, and the results of the survey inspired the brand to begin with two cosmeceutical SPFs.

“Applying SPF is the one non-negotiable step in my personal beauty routine, because if you aren’t wearing sunscreen, all that expensive skincare you’re buying ... might as well stay on the shelf,” says Kate Morris, Adore Beauty’s co-founder and chief of innovation. (SPF guards skin against wrinkles, pigmentation and, importantly, skin cancer.)

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Cosmeceuticals are skincare products with a high concentration of active ingredients – antioxidants, vitamins, and exfoliants like hyaluronic and glycolic acids – that are reported (and in some cases proven) to improve the skin’s appearance more powerfully and visibly than other skincare products.

These ingredients are now considered an essential tool in many people’s skincare routine; they’re delivered through serums, moisturisers, cleansers and other products – including sunscreen.

Designed for normal to dry skin, Adore Beauty’s new Dewy-C SPF50+ Facial Sun Milk is super silky and comes in a pump bottle that dispenses just the right amount for your face each time. The new Barrier Boost SPF50 Mineral Sun Cream is a physical sunscreen with a thicker consistency, and has been formulated for oily/combination and sensitive skin.

The Dewy C formula includes vitamin C and resveratrol, while the Barrier Boost contains niacinamide and ceramides. These are all active ingredients that have been shown to variously enhance skin brightness, even skin tone, protect against free-radical damage and reduce the appearance of ageing.

“Adore Beauty has been having conversations in some form or another with our customers for over 20 years,” Morris says. “In that time, we’ve come to deeply understand what they love, what they need and what they’re still searching for.” The Ab Lab brand “is all about creating high performance essentials for our community. SPF has always been Adore Beauty’s one and only beauty rule, so it was only natural we start there.”

Both SPFs retail for $39.95 and a third product, the Barely There SPF50+ Facial Sun Cream, will hit virtual shelves early this year. The sunscreens are vegan, cruelty-free and made locally in Australia.

“We worked with a leading partner here in Australia who specialises in SPF formulations. Australian standards are some of the most stringent in the world, so we really did start in the deep end,” Morris says.

“We collated a diverse testing panel to test our formulations … We knew we had to create formulas that were not only high-performance in terms of sun protection, but also felt great to wear – no point having a sunscreen that’s effective if you don’t want to wear it.”