Pereira Fitzgerald is the latest locally-made luxury womenswear label to simplify getting dressed. A year ago, designers Bella Pereira and Gemma Fitzgerald decided rather than competing with the host of Australian labels nailing the luxury basics category (Bassike, Jac + Jack, Viktoria & Woods), they would make show pieces to complement and add flair to what’s already out there. You might already have the perfect tailored pant, silk slip or the great white T-shirt, but when you’re after something special, that’s when you’d call on Pereira Fitzgerald.

“We wanted to create something that was quite feminine, tailored and strong. Not so much glitz, but a classic style of glamour,” says Pereira. The label’s nine-piece resort 2018 collection doesn’t have to scream to be heard. The statement making is left to subtle fabrications and finishes that please the eye up close.

For example the polka-dot blouse has clever sculptural sleeves that softly flare out from the wrists, and textural, embroidered cotton is a feature throughout the collection. They’re the sort of details friends observe over lunch and lean over to ask, “Where did you get that?”

Pereira Fitzgerald sources the majority of its fabrics from Japan (the designers use a fabric agent based in Tokyo, and the fabric comes from a mill just outside of Osaka), while production happens in Sydney’s inner-west. Each item is also finished with cotton bias binds on internal seams – a method often seen in men’s suiting where seams are hidden with strips of fabric.

“As a small Australian brand, it’s easy for us to include that quality, which is so important,” says Pereira. “You want to put on a garment and for it to feel expensive and like every detail has been considered.”

Having a relationship with the makers is important to the pair, who are committed to visiting their manufacturers each week. “It comes down to being aware of the ins-and-outs of production and not turning a blind eye to the process,” says Pereira.

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The label landed its first celebrity fan earlier this year when Kelly Rowland visited Sydney. Hearing the singer was in town, the duo sent two outfits to her management team. Rowland later appeared on TV at the Gold Coast 600 in a pinstripe skirt and top from Pereira Fitzgerald’s autumn-winter 2017 range. “It was amazing,” Pereira says. “She styled herself, picked it out and put it on. She has been a total idol for us since Gemma and I were little kids.”

Email to request studio or home visits to walk through collections.

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