Zoom Puppy Meeting Round Two

Fri 22nd May, 2020
Price: Free
Prepare for your screen to be taken over by Labradors – again. This is a Zoom meeting you'll never want to leave.

After Guide Dogs Australia’s inaugural puppy-filled Zoom meeting in April, it’s hosting another one on May 22 to celebrate National Volunteer Week.

A Labrador puppy named Zoom stole the show at the first canine conference call, and he’s back again for another round of virtual pats.

This call will be focused on the volunteers behind the Guide Dogs puppy-raising program, with a behind-the-scenes look at a puppy nursery.

Hear from key members of the Guide Dogs community about what it takes to raise a pup that will go on to assist someone with blindness or impaired vision.

Join the Zoom here.

From 12pm to 12.30pm AEST.

More information here.