Win Cash Prizes for BWS’s Birthday

Fri 3rd June, 2022 – Sun 26th June, 2022
BWS is turning 21 and wants to pay you to celebrate.

A 21st birthday is a celebratory moment signalling when a young adult has come of age. Usually, the person having the birthday receives the gifts. When BWS turns 21, it’s going to work a little differently.

Throughout June, BWS will give away thousands of dollars to people around the country in celebration of its birthday. If you’re the baker of your friendship group, video yourself making a birthday cake for BWS for a chance to win $100. If you’re in possession of a hot glue gun, create a BWS birthday outfit for the chance to win $500 (just make sure it’s orange and has the logo attached somewhere). For a go at $1000, grab an aerial video of ‘Happy Birthday BWS’ written on the ground.

There are heaps of prizes on offer for different birthday tasks, but you can only submit one entry – so consider your skills carefully. For instance: if karaoke is your worst nightmare, perhaps give the 21-person choir challenge a miss… unless a potential $2000 prize is enough to turn you around on that.

To enter the celebrations, upload footage of your birthday tribute and if you’re a winner, you’ll receive the cash prize in two to three days.

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