Ukiyo at Home: Bird Cage

Wed 16th September, 2020 – Sat 19th September, 2020
Price: $5—$15
In this Stranger Things-inspired virtual adventure, you'll try to contain a frightening specimen in a remote outback town. It’s designed to be shared, so you can solve the mystery with your family and friends.

Brunswick’s immersive, cinematic escape room, Ukiyo, is running a second virtual adventure for Melburnians in lockdown (and anyone else who’s keen).

Following on from Stawk Pine Falls, Bird Cage is a retro sci-fi challenge inspired by Stranger Things and set in the Aussie outback.

In it, you'll work to contain a frightening specimen that's escaped from a remote scientific institute, exploring an outback town and the labrynth of laboratores underneath it.

Ukiyo has collaborated with artists to weave video storytelling, live theatre and music performances, visual art, narrative writing and puzzles throughout the experience.

Plus, in the nostalgic ’80s spirit, there's also a competition for "best pillow fort", the winner of which will recieve a $200 Ukiyo voucher.

Bird Cage begins at 6pm on Thusday September 16 and runs for four days, but you can solve the mystery at your own pace. Tickets are $5 for individuals or $15 for households.

More information here.