Mon 1st June, 2020 – Thu 31st December, 2020
This Melbourne-based tech startup sells just 71 paint colours, rather than hundreds. And its free augmented-reality app lets you try various colours on your walls and calculate how much paint you’ll need, before you even start.

The mere thought of approaching the paint aisle at Bunnings can get you fizzling with anxiety. Have you seen how many shades of white are there? Or the paralysing number of brush choices? Or rollers? It’s enough to make even the most determined DIYer give up.

Enter Tint, a Melbourne-based startup determined to make painting easier and more enjoyable. It’s the second venture from Rocky Liang and Djordje “DJ” Dikic. In 2013 the duo invented a portable device you can hold against any surface to instantly match its colour. The technology has since been licensed by Dulux. It was during this time that the pair realised colour matching wasn’t the only challenge with painting.

The team started by tackling the overwhelming amount of choice facing would-be painters upfront. Some paint brands offer more than 150 shades of white.

Using the mountains of data collected through their first venture, Liang and Dikic analysed millions of colours to create a curated collection of 71 shades that are trending worldwide. (But if you’re someone who knows exactly what you want, Tint will still mix custom colours for you, too.)

They then looked at the data on finishes and established that most people settle on low-sheen for the walls and semi-gloss for trims. So Tint paints are simply labelled “ceiling”, “trim”, “wall”, “prep” and “exterior” – another decision you no longer have to make.

To keep you from having to head to your local hardware store (a welcome reprieve during these socially distanced times), the range is available online, directly from Tint. The shop also stocks accoutrements such as brushes, rollers, tape and trays, wrapped up in neat little packages. The painting tools have been tested extensively with Tint’s own paints to ensure best results, and Tint has created handy guides to help you paint like a pro.

Dikic and the team anticipated potential sources of anxiety around buying paint online and came up with two solutions. Tint has done away with sample pots in favour of reusable peel-and-stick swatches you can move around your house. There’s also a free app that lets you “try on” different paints using augmented reality. The app can also calculate how much paint you’ll need, to ensure little-to-no waste on your project.

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