A Temporal Tangle Online by Next Level Escape

Fri 23rd July, 2021 – Sun 31st October, 2021
Price: $15 – $50
One of Sydney’s top escape rooms has launched an online game to keep your mystery-solving skills sharp during lockdown.

In Temporal Tangle, a game at Sydney’s now-closed Enigma escape room, a secret agent is sent on a mission to the future to preserve the timeline – but he goes missing. Players need to figure out where he is before the timeline crumbles and the future is altered forever. Escape rooms are currently out of action, and The Enigma Room has permanently shut thanks to Covid-19, but fellow CBD escape room Next Level Escape – which designed Temporal Tangle – has crafted an online version of the game to tide you over until you can escape to a room that’s not in your house.

A Temporal Tangle is as close to an escape room as you’ll get online. Explore the room as you wish; pick up objects such as keys, letters and pill bottles, and examine them in 3D. You can even light up secret messages on the walls. The game begins in what appear to be an empty factory or abandoned office space, with illuminated screens showing where to start. Use your cursor, as you would in a typical video game, to move your gaze around the room, from the floor to the ceiling.

Like in physical escape rooms, you’ll need to figure out lock combinations and accumulate props along the way that might help you out later. Unlike typical escape rooms, there’s no time limit, so you can take as long as you like to dig into the mystery.

Play the game solo or with your mates over video chat; you can tackle it multiple times on the one device. It’ll set you back $15 per device – or opt for the $50 tier, and you’ll get a voucher for the next time you can visit Next Level Escape in person.

Co-owners Aaron Hooper and Leanne Yong built the virtual escape room themselves, adding more narrative elements for the digital version, as well as audio-visual features to round out the online experience.

Play here.

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