Shibori DIY Kits

Fri 13th August, 2021 – Sun 31st October, 2021
Price: From $33
Create your own beautifully dyed fabrics at home, with all the kit you need delivered and an online workshop.

Shibori is a Japanese hand-dyeing technique that results in beautifully coloured fabrics. Textile agency Shibori, in Sydney's inner west, sells indigo- and white-dyed fabrics, cushion covers, throws and more. It also usually hosts dyeing workshops in its studio. But during lockdown, it's offering kits so you can have a go at tackling this ancient skill at home.

There's a range of kits available. The Pro Shibori Dye Kit (currently out of stock; register your email to be notified when they're available) includes indigo dye ingredients, clamps, rope, elastic bands and other tools for creating patterns, and access to an online tutorial. A smaller version of the kit (with fewer pattern-creating tools and less dye) is also available, as is indigo dye by itself and a range of "shapes" to create patterns.

If you've already got all the gear, but no idea, there's also a range of workshops available online, from a beginners' guide to the craft, to a how-to for creating more intricate patterns and folds.

See available kits here.