Patricia Piccinini's Skywhales: Every Heart Sings

Sat 3rd April, 2021
John Dunmore Lang Place
Near the National Gallery of Australia, Parkes, Canberra
The contemporary visual artist first debuted the flying monolith Skywhale eight years ago. Now she's unveiled a second hot air balloon creature, and both will grace Canberra's skies together.

When Canberra celebrated its 100th birthday, the city commissioned contemporary visual artist Patricia Piccinini (recognised globally for her hyperreal, lifelike works) to create a hot air balloon piece that can tour around the world. The result was Skywhale, a grotesque, whale-like mammal with ten hanging udders that symbolises a mother figure.

Now the family has grown with the unveiling of Skywhalepapa, the male counterpart to the original hot air balloon. Both are launching together outside the National Gallery of Australia on February 6 as part of Skywhales: Every Heart Sings.

Tickets to view the first launch in a fenced area near the Gallery are sold out, but the floating Skywhale family can be viewed from other vantage points around Canberra's Parliamentary Triangle and Lake Burley Griffin.

Succeeding Canberra flights are on March 8 and April 3, followed by a national tour that will see the family traveling around Australia.

Gates open at 4:30am; the launch starts at 5:30am.

More information here.