Mindful in May

Wed 1st May, 2019 – Fri 31st May, 2019
Price: $49 plus GST
Join the global movement to manage stress, stay focussed, improve sleep and live in accordance with your values.

Each year in May thousands of people commit to meditating 10 minutes a day for Mindful in May, the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign.

The campaign, founded by doctor and psychiatrist Elise Bialylew, has two goals: introduce people to the transformative power of mindful meditation, and raise money for clean water projects in developing countries.

The program is evidence based, and includes video interviews with global experts in mindfulness, the brain and wellbeing practices, including New York Times bestselling authors Dr Daniel Siegel, Daniel Goleman and Mark Epstein.

It includes 31 days of mindfulness training and guided audio mediations, and 18 video interviews.

Even a few minutes of mindful meditation a day is proven to help people manage stress, communicate more clearly, stay focussed, sleep better and live by their values. The four-week program can be completed anywhere and officially begins on May 1, but registrations are welcome anytime. It’s $49 plus GST to sign up.

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