Messina’s Have a Gay Old Messinetta Hot Tub

Fri 6th August, 2021 – Sun 8th August, 2021
All Messina stores except The Star, Sydney
Price: $35
Two of Messina’s cult favourite specials – both riffs on nostalgic ice-creams – come together for a mash-up of childhood faves.

Messina needs to chill – the gelateria is pumping out a new special every week (although really, we’re not complaining). This time it combines two of its most hyped specials into one over-the-top tub.

Last year’s Messinetta hot tubs, based on the nostalgia-packed Viennetta ice-cream cake, meet a flavour from the scoops display: Have a Gay Old Time, a take on the Golden Gaytime.

The Have a Gay Old Messinetta hot tub has layers of caramel and milk gelato with chocolate-covered biscuit crumbs. And the iconic Viennetta ripples? They’re recreated here with vanilla and caramel chantilly cream.

Orders for the one-litre tubs open at 9am on Monday August 2. Sign up to Messina’s mailing list to get first dibs. Available for pick-up between August 6 and 8 from all Messina stores except The Star in Sydney.

More information here.