Messina’s Gayinetta Hot Tub

Mon 30th May, 2022
All Gelato Messina stores
Price: $40
Two of Messina’s cult favourite specials – both riffs on nostalgic ice-creams – come together for a mash-up of childhood faves.

Last year, Messina’s sell-out Messinetta hot tubs, based on the nostalgia-packed Viennetta ice-cream cake, met a flavour from the scoops display: Have a Gay Old Time, a take on the Golden Gaytime. Now the hybrid creation is back.

The Gayinetta hot tub has layers of caramel and milk gelato with chocolate-covered biscuit crumbs. And the iconic Viennetta ripples? They’re recreated here with vanilla and caramel chantilly cream. Milk comes straight from Messina’s own Jersey milk farms in Numurkah, Victoria while the chocolate is also made in-house.

Orders for the one-litre tubs open on Monday May 30 at different times depending on your closest store location. Pick-up is available between June 3 and 5.