Mark Roper’s Orchestrated Kaleidoscope

Sun 4th April, 2021 – Tue 20th April, 2021
Price: Free
In this new fine art series, liquid resin pours and manipulated cotton rag paper are used to create unique, atmospheric pieces that explore fluidity and motion.

Commercial photographer – and frequent Broadsheet collaborator – Mark Roper has turned the camera to a new subject for his new solo exhibition, showcasing his fine art practice

Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes is a collection of five liquid-resin pours on photo-metallic paper and four works on cotton rag paper. It's the artist's first foray into creating large-scale original works, up to 2.8 metres in height and 3.8 metres in width.

The result is a series of atmospheric images exploring the boundaries of the visual medium. Light and chemical reactions are manipulated into compositions that look as if they ebb and flow, in motion while in reality they're still.

Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes is available to view online at any time.

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