Laps for Life

Mon 1st March, 2021 – Wed 31st March, 2021
Jump in the water this March, swim for a cause and raise funds (plus awareness) for mental health and suicide prevention among the youth.

Challenge yourself this March – and help young people overcome mental health difficulties while you're at it.

Laps for Life is a month-long swimming challenge encouraging Aussies to jump in the pool, beach, lap lane or local swimming hole for a cause. Participants can set goals, log their laps and share their profiles with friends and family, who can donate and help raise funds.

Swimmers also get rewards depending on how much they can earn for the event: the first $50 will get them a swim cap; $100 means new goggles; and $375 will get them a swim bag.

There's a reason the fundraising event also includes a physical component: swimming is a low-impact, high-reward form of cardio that boosts the mood, too.

Studies show that one in four young Australians lives with mental health challenges, and suicide is the leading cause of death for the youth. Seven out of 10 young people with mental health issues do not get help.

Funds raised by Laps for Life go directly to Reach Out, a not-for-profit that provides information, tools and services to help young people with mental health challenges, as well as their families.

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