Jimmy Brings $2 Delivery

Fri 11th December, 2020 – Sun 28th February, 2021
Price: $2
Summer sessions, sorted. The Australia-wide booze-delivery service is toasting the end of 2020 with slashed delivery fees, all summer long.

Pioneering liquor delivery service Jimmy Brings has seen us through the good times and bad of 2020, whether it's realising there's no more booze in your cabinet when you really need it or the toilet paper shortage. Now it's toasting the end of the year with $2 delivery fees until the end of summer.

And its range is extensive, too: on the beer shelf, alongside six-packs and cases of VB and Carlton Draught, you'll find brews by Balter, Kaiju and Little Creatures. All your basic spirits and liqueurs are available too, as well as a range of mixers and wines.

Plus, if you need party snacks to go with the grog, you can grab packets of peanuts, chips and jerky.

The offer is exclusively available on the Jimmy Brings app and covers all locations Jimmy Brings services, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Use the code "SUMMER" for your discount.

As always, your order will arrive in 30 minutes or less.

More information here.

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