Sat 11th April, 2020 – Sun 31st May, 2020
Price: Free
From a battle with a badly-behaved toaster to the disturbing conflicts arising from a family forced to isolate together, these films are all about the funny, beautiful, and terrifying moments lockdown brings us. It’s perfect for short attention spans, too.

Isofest is a new virtual short film festival that’s all about embracing isolation and the great indoors; a fitting concept for corona-plagued days.

Each film can be no more than two minutes – another fitting concept, this time for audiences with short attention spans – which means you can pack a lot into your next binge sesh.

The festival is by Aussie film production company Eight, and lives on Facebook. Genres span comedy, horror, animation and musicals, and come from both professional and armchair directors from all over the world – including one ten-year-old aspiring director.

In Bill’s Isolation, a witty film by director-cinematographer Dan Max, follow an outback Aussie bloke as he find comfort – and company – in the trees that surround his rural property. Toast, directed by Aaron Maloney, covers an enduring battle with a badly behaved kitchen appliance. And the adults-only spoof Family Matters, by Auckland-based director Cam Neate, explores the slightly disturbing conflicts that can arise from a family forced to isolate together.

Eight launched the virtual festival in April, and it has since grown to house over 70 entries from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Mexico, Canada, India, the Philippines, Ireland, Wales, France, Sweden and Lithuania.

The festival has no set end date, and the team is on the lookout for more entries. It’s free to submit your film, and you have the chance to win camera, production and equipment hire packages. An internship with Eight will also be awarded to the most promising new filmmaker.

For more information, contact festival executive producer Nick Kelly, or email your completed film to Eight

More information here.