Incognito Art Show Online Sale

Thu 20th July, 2023 – Wed 13th September, 2023
All money raised goes towards professional development for artists with intellectual disabilities – and you might pick up a work by Archibald, Wynne or Sulman prize finalists.

More than 3000 artworks are set to go on sale for just $100 each at 6pm tonight as part of Incognito Art Show’s 2023 online sale.

Described as Australia’s most inclusive art show, the exhibit includes original works from both amateur and professional artists. The twist is that the creator’s identity remains anonymous until after a work is bought.

This year's collection features a number of high profile artists, including 12 finalists from the 2023 Archibald Prize, as well as three finalists from both the Wynne and Sulman prizes. Names like Laura Jones, Eliza Gosse, Abdul Abdullah, Joan Ross, Miranda Hine, Jason Phu, Marisa Purcell and Jessica Nothdurft could be revealed on the back of your chosen work.

This unique approach to buying art provides greater access to those without the usual means to do so. It also democratises art selection as buyers are drawn to the work, not the name on the canvas.

Profits from the show’s sale will be donated to Studio A and Little Orange Studio, two organisations supporting artists living with disability.

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