Humming Puppy Online Yoga Classes

Mon 11th May, 2020 – Fri 31st July, 2020
There are dozens of videos to choose from – some focus on strength and stability, others on rest and relaxation – and all feature a Zen, low-frequency hum. And a free three-class trial is available.

Yoga studio Humming Puppy has locations in Melbourne, Sydney and New York. But, as lockdown set in, the team hustled to launch a new, on-demand platform to allow yogis to tune in anywhere, anytime.

And then there are the good vibrations – literally. You’ll hear a low-frequency hum in all the videos – two harmonious frequencies of 40 hertz and 7.83 hertz – which the team believes enhances the yoga experience (and puts the “hum” in Humming Puppy).

With a monthly subscription, there are dozens of classes to choose from depending on your skill level and ranging from 15 to 90 minutes. And while some hone in on strength and stability, others are more geared towards rest and relaxation.

The Foundation Hum class is ideal for beginners – you’re guided through key postures and breathing techniques. More experienced yogis can opt for the Unified Hum, which takes you through moderately paced flows and basic strength work; or the physically demanding Dynamic Hum, a more challenging asana yoga class.

For those in search of calm in a not-so-calm time: the chilled-out Mellow Hum gently switches between seated and lying-down postures; and the Meditation Hum is all about stillness (through concentration, self-awareness and reflection).

Get unlimited access to Humming Puppy’s online classes for $15 a month (it’s half-price at the moment), or there’s a three-class free trial. New classes are added weekly. Sign up here.

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