The Great Australian Workout

Mon 1st June, 2020 – Tue 30th June, 2020
Grab some lycra and grapevine through a new 12-episode, ’80s-Australiana-inspired workout series by Sydney fitness studio Retrosweat. You could even win a Koala sofa and Ken Done artwork in the process.

Known for its lycra-filled, ’80s-inspired aerobics classes, Sydney studio Retrosweat has teamed up with Aussie furniture label Koala for a new 12–episode online workout series.

It'll be a “12 step-back-in-time program” says Retrosweat’s leotard-donning and leg-warmer-wearing founder, Shannon Dooley. Expect a heavy dose of ’80s Australiana.

The short workouts will turn your living-room rug into a dancefloor, and have you doing the grapevine, “electro squats”, the “tuck-shop twist”, and more.

Plus, Dooley has dialled up the nostalgia with throwbacks to the Neighbours glory days, a bit of Shane Warne worshipping, and plenty of koala puns.

Bonus: you can win a sofa by swish, ethically-responsible Aussie furniture maker Koala and a Ken Done artwork in the process. Just dig out your best ’80s outfit and put your own spin on one of the 12 workout moves in a Tiktok video from June 1 (use the hashtag #greataustralianworkout and tag @koalafurniture).

Stream the workouts here.

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