Garage Sale Trail 2019

Sat 19th October, 2019 – Sun 20th October, 2019
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure – offload or buy up big at Australia’s biggest garage sale event.

Garage Sale Trail, back for its ninth year this October, is a weekend of simultaneous countrywide garage sales.

The organisers want to encourage us to think differently about waste. As a country we produce more than 60 million tonnes of waste each year. But by putting second-hand first, last year nearly 400,000 sellers and shoppers involved in this event kept an estimated 3.2 million kilos of waste from landfill. Not to mention a garage sale is a sure-fire way to declutter, give your unwanted stuff a second life and make some money in the process – to keep or donate to charity.

Attendees will be able to nab new or pre-loved clothing, shoes and jewellery; furniture, books and household items; or artwork and vinyls.

Register your garage sale (for free) or find out more here. The first 1,250 sellers to register before September 10 will receive a free seller pack with posters, price tags and more.