Free Uniqlo Heattech Tops

Wed 15th July, 2020 – Sun 19th July, 2020
As temperatures inch down, Uniqlo’s helping us warm up. There are 10,000 tops up for grabs online.

What’s better than a Uniqlo sale? A Uniqlo giveaway.

The Cult Japanese retailer, known for its trans-seasonal colour-coordinated basics, is giving away 10,000 tops from its fancy Heattech range – designed to help your body generate heat and retain it.

There’ll be 2000 up for grabs each day from July 15 to 19. The only catch: to claim one, you’ll have to be successful at a virtual game of Hot or Cold.

Players will use their cursor to find invisible tops, moving behind a blank background – across three levels. The cursor will change colour depending on how close or far away you are from landing on one.

Winners will be given a code to redeem a free Heattech top valued at $19.90.

Play here from 10am AEST on July 15.