Free Pizza Hut Pizzas for Podiums

Fri 23rd July, 2021 – Sun 8th August, 2021
All Pizza Hut locations
Price: Free
The pizza chain is giving away at least 25,000 pizzas throughout the Olympics season – and up to 285,000 if Aussies score medals.

Pizza on the couch while watching athletes at the top of their game compete for the ultimate sports prize – what could be better?

Well, maybe if the Aussie delegates get podium finishes. And if the pizza is free. Hopefully both.

And while Pizza Hut isn’t a fortune teller (to our knowledge, anyway), the chain can at least guarantee the latter. It’s giving away thousands of pizzas for the Olympics, and more if Australians get medals.

There’s a minimum of 25,000 up for grabs throughout the games: 5000 from 4pm on July 23 for the opening ceremony, 1000 daily from July 24 to August 7, and another 5000 for the closing ceremony on August 8.

For every Aussie gold medal winner, another 1000 free pizzas will be made available the next day. Silver medals add another 500 free pizzas each, and bronzes equal 200. All in all, Pizza Hut is ready to give away up to 285,000 pizzas.

The free pizzas will be available everyday from 4pm to 6pm AEST. And one lucky winner can also find a golden ticket promising free pizza every week for a year.

Claim your free pizza here.